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So my writing is spreading further across Brighton, as you know on my post “It’s Been Six Months Since Grad!” I had just started an intern at a local Brighton Magazine and soon to be TV channel The Latest. In the last week I have bagged my own weekly music column in print with my first print in on the 10th (at the earliest) and I have been asked to join the review team. I was invited to go to my first book launch on Tuesday 4th of March and I could not believe how many people I met! Firstly was the lady who invited me; Alison from BiGiAM, who treated me like we had been old friends and introduced me to the most interesting people, making me incredibly shy when mentioning how much she loved my Be Rudy blog (which, obviously I loved!), I met the very interesting author of the book  Pete Langman ,who I got to speak to and talk about his new work, which you can read the review on on Be Rudy, and his beautiful girlfriend Nadine who is currently writing a book on C17th female spies. I also got to meet the most adorable older gentleman who has written for television detective shows Lewis and Miss Marple, and I also got to meet Justin! Justin is a very important associate I made because he runs Brighton’s What’s On magazine, I spoke to him for a lengthy time and there may be some work with him in the future which I am very excited about. I also got my review up on The Latest online book review so check out both if you can!

The Latest Online Black Box Book Review 07 03 2014

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